All images are printed with the 44-inch wide Canon imagePROGRAF iPF 8100 printer.  This printer uses a 12-color pigment ink system with Lucia inks, offering excellent color fastness and stability with a remarkably wide color gamut. I use archival media including, but not limited to, luster, glossy, matt, matt canvas, polished rag, and metallic paper, creating  vivid, breathtaking prints that will last a lifetime.  In addition to printing my own images, I also do image editing and printing for other photographers and artists.

Metal Prints
Metal Prints represent a new contemporary medium for displaying photographs by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. In other words, the photographs are not laminated onto the surface of the aluminum but are actually infused into the aluminum so that they become part of the metal medium itself. This process gives the images a magical luminescence and tremendous archival qualities. Metal prints will last for generations when displayed indoors and out of direct sunlight (as you would display any final art media). No other medium displays such brilliance or color vibrance. The detail and resolution of the image are unsurpassed.

The metal surface is easy to clean with any commercial glass cleaner, and is waterproof, weather-resistant, and has an ultra-hard scratch resistant coating. Metal prints are available in three surface types: white high gloss surface which shows every detail and has the most color vibrance and brilliance; white satin surface which has a smooth, soft appearance, is less reflective, and is great for portraits and subtle images; and sheer surface which allows the surface of the metal to show through the image, giving it a translucent luminescence.

Any Jewel Images photograph can be printed as a metal print in sizes from 4x6 inches to 40x60 inches. Metal prints can be displayed as single metal sheets with float mount blocks on the back, or with corner-drilled holes for hanging. They may also be displayed on easels or in metal frames. Metal frames are available in black flush mount, silver flush mount, black inset, or silver inset. Flush mount frames are flush with the edge of the metal print. Inset frames are inset from the edge of the metal print and are not visible from the front. Another display option is to double float mount a single metal print 3/8 inch off the surface of a second, larger metal print, creating a contemporary “framing” effect. The back image creates a 1-2 inch frame around the smaller metal print.